5 Natural Remedies for Ants

Natural Remedies for Ants

Summer is in full swing. Barbecues, trips to the beach, camping and hanging out on the porch on a lazy summer afternoon are all fun summer pastimes, but there is one thing that isn't fun about summer...The ANTS! They begin to show up in spring and by summertime a number of homes are under full invasion by armies of these pesky and relentless little critters. 

At times, it seems the only thing that even remotely comes close to getting them under control are toxic sprays you don't want anywhere near your loved ones. I'll admit it...Before I found out about these natural remedies, I resorted to using those sprays a time or two out of pure desperation. Luckily, there are a number of natural remedies for ants that are much, much safer than those bug sprays. 

Here are 10 natural remedies for ants:

1. Peppermint Essential Oil.

I'm sure you've heard of essential oils and how good they are for you. Well, insects don't feel the same way about essential oils and they steer clear of the strong scent of oils like peppermint essential oil. Combine a cup of water with 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and spray it anywhere you're under attack. Ants (and most other insects) will avoid this area like the plague. 

I've tried a lot of brands of peppermint essential oil and one of my personal favorites is doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil - 15ml. It costs a little bit more than some of the budget brands, but isn't so expensive that it's unaffordable. Since you're diluting it before use, a single bottle will last multiple seasons.

2. Lemon Juice.

Here's an easy one. Ants hate lemon juice and will steer clear of anywhere it's been sprayed. Spray the perimeter of your house to keep ants out. It doesn't last long, so you'll have to spray every couple days while ants are on the prowl. 

3. Diatomaceous Earth. 

This fine powder is made from the fossilized skeletons of tiny aquatic organisms. The sharp edges of the particles cut into the exoskeletons of ants and other hard-bodied insects that crawl over it, causing them to dry out and die. Make sure you get Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It's safe for both humans and pets, but sprinkle it around areas frequented by ants and you'll do a number on them.

4. Cinnamon.

Ants hate cinnamon. You can sprinkle powdered cinnamon in areas where ants roam or you can dilute cinnamon essential oil and spray it in areas where there are a lot of ants. Either way, you'll deter pests because they detest the smell of cinnamon. 

5. Boiling Water. 

Here's an easy way to destroy an entire ant colony. Boil a pot of water and track the trail of ants back to the colony. Slowly pour boiling water into the hill or hole the ants are crawling in and out of. You'll eradicate the colony at the source. Now, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around the hole to clean up any stragglers that return to the colony and you'll be rid of the entire bunch of them.