New Study Reveals Great News About Going Organic

organic is better


A new study on organic foods from RMIT University in Australia has just revealed surprisingly good news about making the switch to eating organic foods. We've known for years that going organic was the right thing to do because it reduces the amount of chemicals in one's diet drastically, but it's widely been believed the benefits of making the switch were gradually realized, as the body slowly but surely eliminated the toxins that had built up. 

The research, conducted by Dr. Liza Oates as part of her PhD project, reveals going organic has a much more profound effect on the body, and the benefits are realized almost immediately. 

The study reveals that consuming a diet of primarily organic foods for just one week reduces the detectable level of organophosphate pesticides in urine by nearly 90%. Organophosphate pesticides are the primary pesticide used on produce crops across the United States. Most adults have detectable levels of this pesticide in their urine because they're exposed to it through the foods they eat, the air they breath and surfaces they come in contact with near areas that have been sprayed. 


Exposure to large amounts of these pesticides can be fatal, but farmers are allowed to spray it on crops and we, the consumer, end up ingesting it while eating fruits and vegetables that have been heavily sprayed. According to Dr. Oates, organophosphate pesticides are a neurotoxin that acts on the nervous system of insects . . . as well as humans who unknowningly consume it. 

The study was a small one, with only 13 participants being selected to consume a largely organic diet, but the results were promising. I don't know about the rest of you, but this is exactly the news I needed to hear to confirm what I already suspected. Going organic is the way to go.