Freezer Meal: Sweet Pineapple Lime Chicken

sweet pineapple lime chicken


Sweet Lime Chicken is a recipe my kids love, probably because they're absolute maniacs when it comes to anything sweet. This recipe uses honey for the sweetener and is both sweet and tangy at the same time, thanks to the honey and lime. If you'd like to make it a Paleo meal, swap the soy sauce for coconut aminos and the cornstarch for 1 teaspoon of coconut flour. I've tried it both ways and it's equally good both ways.

Freezer Sweet Pineapple Lime Chicken Recipe

Servings: 4 to 6 servings  Prep Time: 20 minutes   Cook Time: 20 minutes


6 chicken breasts, cut into strips or cubes
1 large onion, chopped
1 cup pineapple chunks
2 teaspoons garlic powder
4 tablespoons raw honey
4 tablespoons lime juice
2 tablespoons soy sauce or tamari
2 teaspoons corn starch

2 tablespoons olive oil, for cooking


  1. Rub the garlic powder into the chicken.
  2. Add the olive oil to a skillet over Medium-High heat. Add the chicken to the skillet and cook until the chicken is cooked all the way through and starting to brown. Remove the chicken from the skillet.
  3. Add the onions to the skillet and cook until they start to turn translucent. Add the rest of the ingredients to the skillet. When you add the pineapple, add the juice from the can as well as the chunks. 
  4. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 - 7 minutes.
  5. Stir the chicken back into the sauce.
  6. Turn off the heat and give the contents of the skillet a little while to cool. Once you can handle it without burning yourself, put the Sweet Lime Chicken into a freezer bag or an airtight container. Seal the bag or container and place it into the fridge to finish cooling. Transfer the bag to the freezer.
  7. Thaw the chicken out when you want to cook it. The best way to do this is to move it to the fridge the night before you plan on eating it. If you forget, you can also thaw it by placing it in a sink full of cold water.
  8. Dump the contents of the bag into a skillet over Medium-High heat. Cook until the chicken is heated all the way through and is cooked to your liking.