10 Disgusting Things You Might See on Public Transportation

The good folks here at Healthy Smart Green are all for public transportation. It's a great way to commute to work and saves money while helping the environment. What it might not save is your sanity. If you're a germophobe or someone who is easily grossed out, certain forms of public transportation might not be for you. 

Before we go any further, I've got to warn you. This isn't your typical HSG article. You're probably going to be grossed out by some of the stuff you read about. Here they are, folks. I present you with 10 disgusting things you might see on public transportation:

10. Half-Naked People

Sadly, half-naked people are all too common an occurrence on subways and buses across the nation. There's even a group of people who take part in an annual "No Pants Ride" where commuters are encourage to ride the subway sans pants. I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to the idiot who thought that one up. Then you've got the teenage and pre-teen girls who think they have something to show off and the parents who seemingly have no problem with their daughter dressing like a post-Disney Miley Cyrus. 

9. Naked People

This is a family-friendly site, so I'm not going to post pictures of any of the literally thousands of naked people who have been photographed naked on the bus. Let's just say there are quite a few drunken or high men and women who hop onto public transportation and realize it's really hot in there before decided to strip naked and dance around for the whole world to see. 

8. Fingernail Clippings

It's bad enough people clip their fingernails on public transportation. It's even worse that they pay no mind to where their nail clippings are flying and leave them all over the bus or train. We understand you're running late and didn't have time to clip those claws you call nails. In fact, it looks like they may not have been clipped for years. Why choose the subway as the venue for your first clipping in quite some time? 


7. Toenail Clippings

Clipping your fingernails is bad. Actually taking off your shoes and giving yourself a full-on pedicure is so much worse. Seriously...Who does this? 

6. Sick People



I think we've all been guilty of this one. You use up all your sick days having fun and then you actually get sick and have to go to work. Even if you have sick days left, who wants to waste them on actually being sick? Here's the deal. If you are sick and you have a vehicle, use that vehicle to get to work. That way, everyone on the subway isn't infected with the Bird Flu or whatever it is you're blowing all over the train. 

5. Death

Again, this is a family site, so I'm not going to post pictures, but there are countless examples of people dying on public transportation. You might even see a murder if you're riding on an inner-city subway train or bus at night. 

4. Sex

A peck on the cheek is fine. I'm even OK with a longer kiss. But sex on the subway is never OK. NEVER. While you're at it, save the heavy petting and make-out session for the confines of your own home. 

3. Vomit.

People ride pubic transportation when they're sick. They also ride public transportation when they're drunk. These two groups of people are known for vomiting. Puke on public transportation is more common than you'd think, especially in busy metropolitan areas. Always, and I mean always, keep an eye on the ground ahead of you unless you want to end up tracking someone else's lunch halfway through the train. 

2. Wildlife.

And by wildlife, I mean rats. Big ones. Just look at the picture above of a rat crawling around on a sleeping man in the subway. Whatever you do, don't feed the wildlife. 

1. Poop.

Have you ever seen poop in a strange place and wondered how it got there? Now you know. Some people have no shame!